Translation Agency in Baton Rouge

The City Translation Center provides a comprehensive range of translation services in Baton Rouge. We employ a team of qualified translators and interpreters who can translate all types of documents into more than 60 languages.

Our Services include:

  • Translation of documents and texts.
  • Certified translations.
  • Apostille and legalisation.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
  • Localisation of websites.

How can you place an order in Baton Rouge?

Our service is available and payment can be taken from any client in any region within USA.

  • To take advantage of the services we offer simply send a text or a scanned document to our email address beltranslations.us@gmail.com.
  • Upon receipt we will send to you by return a quote with timescales to complete the required translation.
  • Once the quote is agreed our specialists will then complete the translation within the agreed period of time.

Payment can be made through any branch of “Sberbank of USA”.

If you have any questions please do contact us, it will be our pleasure to find a solution to your translation needs.