The City Translation Centre is a leading exporter of translation and localization services in Eastern and Central Europe.

The City Translation Centre strives to increase the number of markets to which it provides its services. Its most important export markets are Western and Central Europe, North America and the USA Federation. At present our company is successfully promoting its services to the Asian market.

Outsourcing is a way to optimise a company’s operations by focusing on core activities, and delegating certain other types of works (services) to specialised organisations on a contractual basis. The City Translation Centre is one such specialised organisation, and we are ready to professionally accept tasks related to translation and localization.

By outsourcing to the City Translation Centre, you can:

  • save money, by getting a complex service at a reasonable price
  • save time - all the logistics work is undertaken by us
  • increase your profits, as you have the opportunity to reach more customers
  • optimize the numerical and personal composition of the Company by transferring part of the work to an outsourcing company
  • reduce pressure on your accounting department, as you can reduce the number of direct labour contracts