It is hard to imagine the modern world without information technology and the Internet. Information is transmitted throughout the world with great speed. Resources that contain information, such as websites and custom software, require professional localization to be accessible and understandable to the target audience. In addition to translating the content of software and Internet resources it is extremely important to adapt them to the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the new country. The demand for localization of games, enquiry and communication systems, digital libraries and internal information systems at multinational organisations is constantly growing.


The City Translation Center provides professional services for clients who have a need for resource localization and adaptation. We offer comprehensive solutions for software, website and games localization in several languages simultaneously, allowing our clients to market their products in new regions without substantial expenditure.

In the localization process we solve a large number of important tasks:

  • Translating user interface of software or a Web resource, including images, voice messages and related documentation
  • Maintenance of the resource or programme with units and standards adopted in the region
  • Modification of code snippets processing regionally-specific data formats (date, time, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Ensuring the correctness of lexicographic sorting of lines in accordance with the target language rules
  • Print setup on paper formats, standard for the region
  • Interpreting the relevance and admissibility of symbols, drawings, colour combinations, music fragments, etc. in the culture of the target audience
  • SEO-optimisation

If your software or website has already been translated into the required languages, we can test the translated software or website. In this event, our experts will give an appraisal of the quality of the translation and localization. Upon the client’s request, we can remove translation mistakes and adapt it to the intended target audience


There is an important distinction between internationalization and localization. Internationalization is adaptation of a product for potential use virtually anywhere, while localization involves the use of a resource in a particular region.

Parameters that are important for internationalization and localization include:

• Language

◦Text - alphabets; writing direction - from left to right, right to left; numbering system. In most modern systems, Unicode is used when working with text (although it is likely more common practice than the rule)

◦ a graphical representation of the text (printed materials, images containing text)

◦ Audio text

◦ Subtitles in the video stream

• Date and time formats, including various calendars

• Time zones

• Currency

• Images and colours

• Names and headings

• Phones, regional and international postal addresses and codes

• Formats of number assigned by official agencies (such as UNP, OKPO, and others)

• Units of weights and measures

• Electronic document format


Software Localization and Website Translation

Development of a foreign website version includes:

  • translating the text of the site, including links, menu items, etc.
  • development of Content Management Software (CMS) similar to the original version
  • layout - creating an exact copy of the existing site in a foreign language
  • creating graphic elements, including animated ones, similar to the original version
  • programming (forum, guestbook, visitors counter, clock, etc.).

Our translation agency will provide you with the whole range of services, and will develop an exact copy of the existing web resource while retaining all graphics and flash-elements. Our staff will agree with you all the details of the order and control the quality of our work at all stages.

As a result, you will get a fully operational version of your site in a foreign language.

Cooperation on localization with the City Translation Center gives you the following benefits:

  • Faster launch of new language versions of your products and resources
  • Demonstration of your company's loyalty to its customers
  • Global presence of your brand
  • High quality and guaranteed result