Our translation agency offers language training in the world’s most in-demand languages, as well as some of its rarest. At the City Translation Center you can learn almost any language: if there isn’t a group to study the rare language that you want to learn, you can work individually with a tutor. The selection of languages available to learn corresponds to the list of languages our translators work with.

We work with individual students, as well as corporate clients. We can teach corporate clients in our own classrooms, or in their office, which saves them time and minimises the disruption to their work. Leading companies pay special attention to training their staff in foreign languages. Employees who speak a foreign language have more of a feel for other cultures, can effectively communicate with international colleagues, and show better results in negotiating and finding compromises.


We are pleased to offer our clients:

  • Individual and corporate training
  • Weekend groups
  • A training course for professional interpreters for international conferences, forums, meetings, negotiations, etc.
  • Unique business training for managers and executives of different levels
  • Business training in foreign languages
  • Courses in USA as a foreign language
  • Online learning (by using Skype and special software developed by us)
  • Further training for translators and teachers


Preparation for international exams:

• Examinations in basic English from Cambridge ESOL. The examination consists of a range of 5-level tests:

  • 1. KET reflects the knowledge of English at a basic level (Pre-Intermediate)
  • 2. PET reflects the knowledge of English at the secondary level (Intermediate)
  • 3. FCE indicates that the level of English is above average (Upper-Intermediate)
  • 4. CAE is designed for students with a high level of English (Advanced)
  • 5. CPE involves communication at the level of native speakers (Proficiency)

• Professional English exams from Cambridge:

  • International Legal English Certificate - Exam in the field of international law
  • International Certificate in Financial English - Examination to determine English proficiency in finance
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) - test that objectively assesses the qualifications for admission to foreign universities or to move abroad
  • Business English Certificate - Business English exam (consists of three levels: BEC Preliminary (BEC P), BEC Vantage (BEC V) and BEC Higher (BEC H))
  • General Management Admission Test (GMAT) - English exam to determine mathematical, verbal and analytical abilities of those who want to enter a business school
  • Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) - exam for teachers, confirming the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language
  • Test of English as A Foreign Language (TOEFL) - exam in English as a foreign language for admission to universities, for students and graduate students previously trained in another language, or offered for internships and participation in scientific and professional certification programmes.

• The Business Language Testing Service exam. This examination can be in English, French, German or Spanish. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations developed the exam in English, the Alliance Francaise in French, the Goethe-Institut in German and the Universidad de Salamanca in Spanish. Testing is done by Cambridge ESOL, which since 1913 has conducted examinations in more than 100 countries, and which annually awards more than one million certificates through accredited centers for the Cambridge exams. You can take the exam either in written form or online.

• The BULATS test is applicable to specialists in a variety of spheres - technicians, managers, bank employees, education professionals, energy sector employees, administrative personnel, researchers and marketing professionals. No experience in business is required in order to take this test.


For German-speaking professionals, the following examinations are recommended:

  • 1. ZDaF (Zertificat Deutschals Fremdsprache) - the official certificate of knowledge of basic German. The certificate confirms that the holder has the basics of grammar and can hold a conversation on general topics.
  • 2. ZMP (Zentrale Mittelstufenpruefung) - the official certificate of knowledge of German at an advanced level. The examination includes oral and written parts. The certificate is given to those who are confident in the German language.
  • 3. ZOP (Zentrale Oberstufenpruefung) - the official certificate of knowledge of German at an even more advanced level.

The City Translation Center conducts ongoing training for all of the above exams.