The staff at the City Translation Center includes specialist interpreters, able to carry out simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at events of the highest level anywhere in the world. The America Translation Company provides the full range of related services, from providing simultaneous interpretation equipment and facilities to VIP meetings and personal support.

24 hours a day we are ready to provide you with interpreters speaking a wide range of languages from all over the world.

Our translation agency provides the following interpreting services:

  • simultaneous interpretation
  • rent and maintenance of simultaneous interpretation equipment
  • consecutive interpretation
  • linguistic support in missions abroad and for foreign visitors in USA
  • providing professional guides and interpreters
  • interpreting during the installation and configuration of equipment
  • interpreting during educational activities and trainings
  • interpreting services for telephone negotiations, video and teleconferences
  • interpreting during notarization and court hearings
  • interpreting for law enforcement authorities during interrogation and investigation activities
  • translation and dubbing a film, video and audio
  • online interpreting (webinars, conferences by Skype, etc.)


We guarantee our clients the highest quality of interpreting services and an individual approach. Our years of experience and own security system can guarantee absolute confidentiality on the part of our translators and our company when providing interpreting services.